Friday, August 29, 2008

Between the 2:

Firstly :An Event
Encourages decisions
Motivates people
Is a calendar issues
Challenges people
Is easy

Secondly :A Process
Encourages development
Matures people
Is a culture issue
Is difficult
Changes people

If I need to take steps forward, then I’ll attend an event. If I want to improve, then I’ll engage in a process and stick with it! – John C. Maxwell.

For me, Tarbiyah is process.The power of tarbiyah..From nobody to somebody.. From nothing to something..From jahil to a’lim.. From simple life to special life..From hero to be a warrior.. All these U can get when U are in the progress of tarbiyah!

I’ll waqaf my lifetime in His way..,insyaALLAH.
Siraj and all sahabat, seeru a’la barakatiLLAH..